Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sharing resources: What do you think?

Welcome to our new blog, Perspectives on Community Literacy. This space is intended as a forum for discussing a wide range of literacy-related issues. Please join the discussion, either by responding to the current topic or by raising a new topic.

If you attended the Madonna University Conference on Literacy, Learning and Leading on Aug.9, you'll remember our discussion about sharing resources among our group. Resources might include know-how, such as experience applying for grants or setting up a literacy program, expertise at providing professional development/ training for instructors or tutors, insights about retaining students, etc. Resources could be teaching materials, such as software, textbooks, reference books, lessons, readings on literacy or pedagogy, etc. Resources could be "man-power," such as volunteer tutors, instructors, or student-tutors. Finally, basic equipment (computers, printers) and space (classrooms, labs, empty meeting spaces) are also resources we might offer members of our group.

What do you think about this idea? Pros and cons?

What would you be interested in offering to a partner? What would you like to receive from a partner?